The launch of Black Elite Matchmaker SA

'Love' is a perpetually elusive subject. With biological, psychological and philosophical studies having addressed it over the decades, one certainty is that love is a crucial, basic need in one's life. Love dynamics unique to the South African black population have however received insufficient attention with very few research-based articles having adequately addressed it. Black South Africans warrant uniquely isolated studies due to distinct social construction, complex historical processes, cultural and religious integration, as well as the contemporary resurgence of traditionalism in black SA.

The Black Elite Matchmaker SA™ blog is a research-based blog which hopes to spark pertinent conversations where black love in the technological age is concerned. With dominant ideologies in the SA black community centred on 'good' or 'acceptable' behaviour as a black man/woman still dominant in this market, where dichotomies of love and romance versus stigma and secrecy still frame black people's discourse to date. A discourse about new ways of establishing and maintaining relationships are still largely either absent or kept secret in this community. Liberal versions of black South African relationships, have had highly contradictory consequences for black people where some are seeking to be part of the 'new social order' while others are defensively clinging to more familiar routines.

In an unprecedented age of technology where digital technology are transforming many aspects of our society, including how people meet each other and establish/conduct romantic relationships where people are now using technology to find and manage love relationships. There is still not enough data to reflect what this has meant for black relationships in South Africa. The Black Elite Matchmaker SA™ blog exists to remedy just that.

The Black Elite Matchmaker SA™ blog will draw on secondary research as well as in some cases, in‐depth interviews (primary research) with affluent black men and women in contemporary South Africa to address social turbulence dynamics and transition brought about by technology and unconventional ways of love and dating. This blog will also traverse unexplored opportunities to support black love in modern SA.